How to properly use the reporting system in a manufacturing company

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Management accounting plays an important role in the successful operation of manufacturing companies.

Finoko software provides many features that help managers make informed decisions and move the business forward.  To use manufacturing reports effectively, you need to pay attention to the tools that Finoko offers.


Budgeting is one of the key functions of management accounting in a manufacturing company. This includes setting financial goals and budgeting for efficient resource allocation. By comparing actual indicators with the values planned in the budget, managers can identify deviations and take corrective measures to ensure financial stability.


Forecasting helps manufacturing companies analyze future trends and plan their actions accordingly. Management accounting accountants use historical data and market analysis to forecast sales, expenses, and cash flows. This allows you to make strategic decisions and adjust business operations in accordance with changing market conditions.

Cost accounting

Cost accounting involves tracking and analyzing the costs associated with the production of products. By calculating the cost of a unit of production, managers can assess the profitability of each product line and make price decisions. It also helps to identify areas where costs can be reduced to increase overall profitability.

Financial analysis

Financial analysis is an important function of management accounting in a manufacturing company. By analyzing financial statements, managers can assess the financial condition, profitability and liquidity of the company. This is key information for investors, lenders and other stakeholders who evaluate the company’s performance and make investment decisions.

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