Terms of car rental in Italy: what rules to follow

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Car rental in Italy is the best way to see the sights of this wonderful, historical country.

Car rental Italy offers you to rent a car on the best terms of cooperation. A large fleet of vehicles will give everyone the opportunity to choose a model for their own requirements and organize an unforgettable trip. Car hire Italy also offers an impressive selection of cars of different brands and classes. Thus, you can rent a car at https://rentaholliday.com/ and provide comfortable travel conditions in advance. You can rent a car not only for pleasant walks, but also for business tasks during business trips. In Italy, you can always find a car of the required class.

Basic requirements

To rent a vehicle in Italy, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements and rules of the country. The age of the driver must be over 18 years old, the age of 25 is considered optimal, and the maximum age must be 75 years.

You must have a driving experience of at least a year and a driver’s license is required. The driver’s license must be international with the surname and name in Latin letters. In most car rentals, a car is not issued without an international driver’s license. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the police may also require an IDL when stopping a car, therefore, before traveling to Italy, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate driving license.

It is also mandatory to have a credit card to block the deposit. The card must be in the name of the driver and, as a rule, it must be a credit card, not a debit card. Car rentals in Italy require a passport, as well as a voucher, where all booking details will be indicated. Subject to the basic rules, you can easily rent a car and realize all your goals.

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