We design a modern kitchen: what kind of furniture to buy and why

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An Art Nouveau kitchen is an opportunity to combine classic features with modern design. This style is very popular and remains relevant for a long time.

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The main features

The main features of the kitchen, decorated in the Art Nouveau style, in addition to the smoothness of the shapes, include the following characteristics:

  1. Rational layout of the kitchen area. In order to leave as much room as possible for movement in the kitchen, there should be no unnecessary objects in it. Every corner is used to the maximum.
  2. Glossy surfaces prevail.
  3. Modern kitchen furniture is made not only of natural wood, but also of metal, plastic, and glass. Finishing is possible with the use of various materials, in particular tiles. To buy high-quality tiles for the kitchen, it is worth visiting tile shop near me.
  4. The Art Nouveau style focuses on functionality. Therefore, appliances in the kitchen should not be hidden behind facades. It is located in prominent places and is always at hand.
  5. Bright, contrasting shades are used in the color design.
  6. Decorative and textile elements are reduced to a minimum.

Floor finishing

The Art Nouveau kitchen floor can be decorated with wooden marquetry mosaics. But such cladding is very expensive. It is appropriate to use it only in the kitchen combined with the living room. A more affordable option for the design of the floor covering is a floorboard.

High-quality laminate or kitchen and bath tiles are suitable for finishing the floor in the work area.

The shade of the floor covering should contrast with the main range. For example, a white kitchen looks organically on a dark floor and vice versa. At the same time, the walls should not attract attention. You can cover them with glossy paint or liquid wallpaper.

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