Which company to contact if you need legal assistance in the process of oil and gas development

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JK provides assistance to mineral and subsurface owners in analyzing the legal and environmental aspects of the oil and gas development process.

Mining minerals such as oil and gas can be a profitable source of income. However, determining who owns the rights to these resources can be a difficult task. Mining rights and subsoil rights can be separated, and this creates potentially confusing situations. For example, the owner of land plots does not always have the rights to extract resources located under his land. This can generate complex disputes and conflicts. In such situations, the oil and gas attorney will come to the rescue. The services of such a specialist can be used on the https://jkrieglaw.com.

Legal services offered

A specialist such as oil and gas lawyer provides the following services:

  • preparation and verification of documents for mining;
  • identification and elimination of defects in mineral raw materials;
  • negotiation and review of lease agreements for oil and gas production.;
  • resolution of issues of hereditary production and distribution of subsoil use rights, etc.

Surface ownership

The development of oil and gas resources is often associated with the use of the earth’s surface for infrastructure, drilling and other activities.

This may cause conflicts of interest between surface owners and oil and gas operators. A special company also helps to solve such problems through the drafting of land use agreements between surface owners and oil and gas operators. You can find out more information on the website at any convenient time. The company specializes in explaining complex legal and environmental aspects of oil and gas production.

Portal specialists provide consultations, help to draw up legally binding documents and ensure successful dispute resolution.

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